Blog 003 // The Brief - Mathematics & The Winton Gallery // 2nd Year

The Brief - Memorable Maths


For the first brief this term, it is set at The Winton Gallery in the Science Museum. As a group we were told to go and take in what the Maths exhibition had to offer for ourselves. 

The purpose of the brief as a rough outline is to come up with an interactive experience that reaches out to people that might not know about the exhibition in a memorable way.


- The science museum's exhibitions attract schools and families but for young adults they are perceived as not engaging or attractive


- Using any form of digital media, create an interactive experience that reaches out to people who might not know about the exhibition in a memorable way. We want wow factor with a message, To drive visitors to the exhibition. Make visiting the Mathematics exhibition sound like a great plan to spend on a saturday afternoon with your friends.


Young adults 20-30 Living in London, Secondary & Higher Education.

As a class we went to the science museum on the Tuesday to get a first hand view for ourselves about what the space felt like, looked like and simply to meet the product we were working with. I found this extremely useful as I had actually never been to the science museum, only the history museum whenI was at school. 

The Winton Gallery on Floor 2 is where the Mathematics Exhibition is being held. The space it is held in grabs your attention straight away through the air flow model strung around the aeroplane in the middle. But once you view this center piece, the exhibition defintely simmers down in wow factor exhibits. Everything is just sat there in glass boxes with the rare interactive touch i-pad next to it, where you can go and scroll through dull pages of history.

Theres a reason why we have been given this space to bring to life as there is literally no life in it at the moment aside from the air flow model. Although there were parts of it which drew me in just through my interests. The sections such as Global Trade, Perspective, Money, The technology used in IBM'S cash machines. 

Following on from the parts which interested me, I constructed a list of spaces to utilise. I thought immediately of the subway walk from South Kensington Tube Station too the Science Museum, This had a lot of potential as it was a long walk with bilboard space, perfect for capturing the attention of tourist/commuters.

Other Spaces I thought of

  1. Stairwell
  2. Lifts
  3. Cafe/Restaraunt Tables
  4. Toilets
  5. Corridors leading into the Winton Gallery
  6. Bus Stops
  7. Roadside bilboards

My next step would be to conduct some primary research through surveying the audience, young adults aged 20-30.

Overall to conclude I found actually going to the space extremely useful, its made me connect with the product a lot more now, and it has allowed me to get my head round the brief.