Blog 002 // Arduino Workshop // 2nd Year


Our second lecture of the term was based around technology and how it can influence design. We were introduced to the open source called Arduino, which is an italian bit of technology created by two university students in Italy.

It is used for building electronic projects. It consists of a physical programmable circuit board and a piece of software on your computer. It is used to write and upload code to the breadboard or physical board.

Arduino is used by designers, artists, hobbyists, hackers, newbies to electronics and anyone really thats interested in creative interactive enviroments. It is powered via USB or you can wire in a battery pack. It is has a whole door of oppurtunities to build anything you want. There are examples we watched that range from someone producing a secret door knocking opening system.

We were given a kit in pairs to start off with. At first opening the lid of the box we were welcomed by a sea of wires, components and various other items. It was pretty much alien to us. But slowly we got the hang of things linking in and coding an LED which we could control the flash speed via the code on the mac software. Overall I have come away from this workshop actually considering buying a set to play around with more and more in my own time as it is a clever interesting open source.

Below are the pictures during the workshop where you can see Harry and I progressively working our way through it.